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Horsehoodies was started with a simple question - "Do you think we could make a flymask that would cover the horses neck as well as their face?"  We had no idea what would come from that simple question.   We went to our first trade show with our full Horsehoodie and were questioned about something for the rump.  We went to our second trade show with our Horsehoodie and our Glute Guard and got questions about the tummy.  I could go on, simply put, we have expanded our product line based on what our customers asked for.  We are thrilled at how many people love our hoodies and we are very excited to see where our simple question will take us next!

Best thing ever! Soft but durable. My buckskin mare is pestered by flies and it made for terrible trail rides with head tossing and skittish behavior. The Horsehoodie saved our relationship! Thank you for such a fantastic product.

                                                                       -  Jan L.

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