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November 1, 2022                                                                                                                      As Autumn drops its temperature and leaves, while the daylight hours grow shorter and hunters take to the woods in search for a big buck, it’s important to think of our riding safety while on trails and roads. In the same way that Horsehoodies LLC has you covered during bug season, we also have you and your horse’s safety in mind after the bugs are gone. Horsehoodies LLC’s high visibility safety gear is perfect for visibility on the roads and trails and can even be used while camping or in the pasture. Take all of these items to the trails to make sure hunters know you are not their target while in the woods. Hunters are incredibly appreciative when riders wear orange in the woods because it helps them to quickly identify you as a horse and rider. On the roadways, our gear will help drivers to know you are there and have plenty of time to slow down to go around you day or night. Choose from bright lime green or hunter orange, both colors have reflective strips to catch any light shown your horse’s way. The leg wrap Safety See’ums serve double duty as a great safety tool while camping with your favorite equine or if you need to find them in their home field. Made with rip stop denier and professional strength velcro, they are made to last. Put these wraps on prior to nighttime and you’ll only have a to shine a flashlight in your horse’s direction to make sure they are safe and secure on your campsite or in their pasture. In case of a loose horse during the night, finding them becomes much easier when they have reflective gear, and they will be visible to drivers if they happen to make it to a roadway. The Safety See’ums are completely adjustable and will even fit around your ankles or wrists when you are running, hiking, biking, etc. without your horse but still need the visibility. The Caution Cape hugs your horse’s neck to make sure your horses front end is highly visible and attaches to halter or bridle to be used in the pasture, on the picket line or while riding.  The Safety Shield covers their rear and includes three wide strips of orange or lime green fabric plus reflective strips to make sure you are seen. It attaches to your saddle with elastic and clips and includes 4 weights to keep it in place while you enjoy your ride. Get all three items and take comfort in the fact you are riding safely no matter where or what time of day!

December 8, 2022

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, yes, yes, it is and so cold and early this year. But never fear, the Horsehoodies Winter Wrap has you covered to keep you riding no matter the weather. It’s that extra layer of protection against the cold, snow, wind and rain that will keep you off the couch and in the saddle on those cold winter days. And it’s roomy enough to keep the horse’s hind end warm too! The Wrap is not only for riding, Horsehoodies customers report wearing them while walking the dog, attending sporting events, during chores, and while watching riding lessons. The Winter Wraps are made of an insulated weather resistant material and available in 3 sizes with a full split in the front for easy on and off. Each size is generously adjustable because of the velcro waist strap which means you can enjoy all the holiday cookies you want to this season and the next. And, just like many of our Horsehoodies items, custom sizes are available. The deep front pocket is perfect safe spot for your phone and since it’s within easy reach, you won’t have to miss out on those gorgeous winter riding photos as the opportunity arises. The Wraps are available in eight lovely colors, turquoise, fuchsia, purple, red, hunter orange, black, navy blue, and our newest color, lime green. It’ll be hard to choose your favorite one! The holidays are coming, be sure to put the Winter Wrap on your wish list today and you’ll have it in time for the coldest days of the year. No matter how you use it, we are confident the Winter Wrap will help you get out and even enjoy the cold for years to come!

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