How do I know what size I need to order?

To know what size Horsehoodie to order we recommend starting with the size of halter and/or bridle you use for your horse, donkey or mule. Example: you use a horse size bridle or halter you need to order a horse size Horsehoodie. If you have a cross bred horse (example: draft/arabian) that is difficult to size then we recommend contacting us to get help with measurements so we can custom make you a perfect Horsehoodie!

Is It True That I Can Be Safer On My Ride With Horsehoodies?

Yes! We’ve all seen the horse that bucked, ran away, stumbled or took a misstep, all because their focus was on protecting themselves from irritating flying insects. Because horses are more comfortable and feel protected under their Horsehoodie, they no longer have to throw their heads and endure the misery and the stress of flying insects determined to bite them.

Will using a Horsehoodie cut down on costly chemical sprays?

Concerned horse owners who truly care for their horses, never like putting on layer after layer of chemical pesticides used by most fly sprays. Horsehoodies are the comfortable, effective alternative to fly spray and really take the worry away from owners — and horses!

Are Horsehoodies appropriate for turn-out?

We recommend using your Full Horsehoodie while you have control of your horse. We do not recommend Horsehoodies for turn-out. While our fabric is very durable, it can not hold up to a horse rolling or everyone's favorite game of Hoodie tag. After many requests, we designed our Half hoodie for turnout purposes.

Is It True That Every Horsehoodie is HANDMADE in The USA?

YES! Every hoodie is beautifully crafted and HAND MADE. We know how we feel about our horses and we know our customers love their horses as much as we do!

What If I Want To Add Some BLING To My Horsehoodie?

We can do that! We can add two rows of sparkly "diamonds" to any hoodie across the browband for an additional $10.00. (This will not affect the vision of your horse at all) We can also customize your bling to your liking. Prices will vary per your request. For those special horses who deserve a little bling!

How Long Does It Take To Get My HANDMADE Horsehoodie?

We strive to get orders out within 48 hours of payment and order receipt. We know you want your Horsehoodie as soon as possible! Custom orders may take a couple extra days.

I ordered the wrong size hoodie, can I exchange it?

Yes, of course! Here at Horsehoodies we strive to make every customer happy. We will welcome your exchange as long as the hoodie is in "like new" condition. All you have to do is send your hoodie back to us and we will switch out to the size you need. Horsehoodies L.L.C. 46644 Curve Road Freeland, MI 48623 PLEASE INCLUDE A NOTE EXPLAINING WHAT YOU NEED AND YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION!

How much UV protection is in a Horsehoodie?

Horsehoodies are designed for bug protection and will reduce the UV rays moderately. We recommend using "The Guardian Horse Mask" for full UV protection. Our Horsehoodie or Half Hoodie will then go directly over The Guardian Mask to have both UV and fly, gnat and mosquito protection! Visit Gauardian Mask at


We can finally be totally protected from the biting flies which have been plaguing us this very buggy season!! Very comfortable for the horse and Angelo, the BLM mustang, really appreciates not being pestered by them and we can enjoy our ride! Thank you - brilliant idea!!               

Jen S.