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A Journey of Dedication, Craftsmanship, and Community Engagement

Our passion for serving the trail riding community has been the driving force since our inception in 2018. More than just a provider of quality products, we are dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of both horses and riders alike. Each item in our collection, meticulously field-tested for horses, mules, and donkeys, is designed to offer comfort, lightweight durability, and resilience across any terrain.

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our ethos. Every single product is lovingly handmade with unwavering dedication and expertise. It's this commitment to quality and exceptional customer care that keeps our equestrian community coming back time and time again, trusting in the reliability and performance of our products.

Furthermore, in response to the evolving needs of our customers, we introduced our fall/winter line. This expanded range of products provides shielding riders from the chill of cold weather. Our commitment to innovation and adaptation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, consistently striving to meet the diverse requirements of our riding community.

But our journey doesn't end there. We remain dedicated to continuous improvement, always seeking ways to enhance our product range and better serve the needs of horse riders everywhere. Whether it's developing new designs, improving existing features, or exploring sustainable manufacturing practices, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence in everything we do.

Experience the joy of bug-free riding with Horsehoodies – the culmination of passion, craftsmanship, and community engagement. Join us as we continue to ride towards a future filled with adventure, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments on horseback. Get in touch with us today and become a part of the Horsehoodies family.

Hand drawn Logo by Beth

First Prototype of HorseHoodie Product
First Prototype of HorseHoodie Product



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