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Springtime Horse Care Checklist: Preparing Your Horse for the Changing Seasons

As winter fades away and the warmth of spring beckons, it's time to shift our focus to the well-being of our equine companions. Spring brings about a flurry of activity for both horse and owner alike, from shedding winter coats to preparing for increased turnout and riding time. To ensure a smooth transition and optimal health for your horse, it's essential to have a springtime horse care checklist in place. Let's explore some key steps to prepare your horse for the changing seasons.

  • Spring Cleaning: Take the opportunity to give your horse's living quarters a thorough spring cleaning. Remove accumulated dirt and debris from stalls, paddocks, and water troughs to create a clean and healthy environment for your horse.

  • Exercise Routine: As the days grow longer and the weather improves, it's time to gradually increase your horse's exercise regimen. Consider investing in our Rain Rider for those in wet climates, ensuring a comfortable ride even in rainy conditions.

  • Shedding: As temperatures rise, horses begin to shed their winter coats. Help your horse along by regularly grooming with a shedding blade or curry comb. Not only does this aid in the removal of loose hair, but it also promotes circulation and skin health. We love the Sleek EZ product, and recommend you check them out!

  • Dental Checkup: Spring is an excellent time for a dental checkup for your horse. Schedule an appointment with your equine dentist to address any potential issues such as sharp points or dental abnormalities that may have developed over the winter months.

  • Bug Control: Warmer temperatures bring about an increase in parasite activity. Explore our Uniguard, a one-piece design offering complete coverage of the tummy and chest during riding or driving, keeping sensitive areas protected from bugs.

By following this springtime horse care checklist, you can ensure that your horse stays happy, healthy, and ready to enjoy the warmer months ahead. Remember to approach each task with patience and care, and don't hesitate to reach out to your equine professionals for guidance and support along the way. Here's to a season filled with sunshine, fresh air, and cherished moments spent with our beloved horses.



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